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Culture & Identity-Part 6

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Charles Cooley (1964)
Developed the looking glass self theory, that how we see ourselves in always influenced by our interactions with other people
Looking Glass Self
We cant develop a sense of ourselves without interpreting the messages we get from others.
Erving Goffman
Indentities result from the impression we give to others. Its like theatre as we always manage the impression we give to others
Front Region (Goffman)
Where presenation takes place and the desired impression of ourselves is managed e.g Staff in restaurant would adopt this
Back Region (Goffman)
Private, where only insiders are meant to see e.g Restaurant staff going back into the kitchen would behave very differently
Stigma (Goffman)
Theres three stages of it. PHYSICAL = Missing Limb. WEAKNESS= criminal record. SOCIAL= membership to ethinic minority or religious group
Hide the Stigma (Goffman)
E.g Cosmetic surgery. Strategy to use in order to create a positive identity. Goffman
Admit Stigma (Goffman)
Accepting treatment from proffesionals. e.g Rehab or metal insitute. Goffman
Protest Stigma (Goffman)
Strategy adopted by disadvantaged groups such as homosexuals and Blacks. Goffman