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Culture & Identity - Part 5

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Media (socialisation)
We are exposed to vast amounts of this (radio, tv) from a young age. The saturation of media in our lives will effect us
Gaye Tuchmann (Feminist)
Suggests women are symbolically annihalated in the media. Women are portrayed inferior to males which allows young girls to behave passively
Moral Panic
Exaggerated media reporting of a cetain group or action, this group becomes seen as a threat. e.g Muslims, Immigrants (Polish, Black)
Social Control
Is enforced by positive or negetive SANCTIONS. Negetive sanctions e.g fines or Prison. Working hard and follow education system result in good jobs
Charles Murray (New Right)
In single parent families, having no male authority means no DISCIPLINE. If males arent there to impose social control may leas to lack of respect for authority in the future
New Right
Very conservative in their approach. Base their sociology on right wing policies
Feminists and Family
Belive male dominated households lead to women and children more vulnerable to domestic violence and child abuse. Children may then have social problems later in life
Media and Social Control
Newspapers inform us of those who break the law and we a informed what punishments they recieve. Teaches us that we could be punished too if we broke the law
Religion and Social Control
Religions force people to behave well as the promise rewards of AFTERLIFE require positive behaviour. And those that dont behave well go to HELL
Identified that racial prejudice may result in tighter control for some groups. e.g. Stop and search on Black people