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Problems of Researching Education

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Duty of Care
Schools have this to provide for their pupils therefore their may be ethical issues or sociologists wanting to research. Schools have to protect school records as they contain various amounts of personal information
Professional image
Teachers have to maintain this therefore they will be reluctant to disclose information that will discredit them ,their pupils or their school. e.g. few teachers will admit to preferring girl students
Criminal Record Check
Will be needed if a sociologist wishes to observe young people this can pose a barrier for sociologists
Informed Consent
Any research would require this however the younger the child the more difficult it will be to explain the nature of the research, therefore its hard to obtain a meaningful consent
Young children lack the maturity required to take part in research and may be more likely to provide silly answers in questionnaires or lose focus in interviews
Schools are busy
which means that teachers may be unwilling to take on the added stress of being involved in sociological research. Children are also there to learn and its important that any research doesn't disrupt that
surrounds issues like parental involvement or racism. For instance some parents will not like being questioned on if they are involved in their childs education or not