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Research Methods-Part 5

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Case Study
A in depth study of a single example of whatever it is that the sociologist wants to investigate
Life Histories
Describes a persons life and represents a typical way of life by some marginalised social group
Community Study
Number of studies of whole communities such as a village. These are conducted using multiple methods such as surveys, census data
Field Experiments
More useful to sociology where researcher sets up situation to observe in the 'real world'
Field Experiment Example
Rosenthal and Jacobson used this method to see the efect of teachers influence on pupils performance
Best known government survey which is carried out every 10 years. By law every household has to complete a form
By law birhs, marriages and deaths are all registered that is published over a period of time
Record Keeping
All private sectors and most private are required to provide information to the government. These can be very useful for sociologists