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Research Methods- Part 2

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Ethnographic Research
Is the study of someome in their natural environment. Method to gain a direct insight into participant lives. "A step into their shoes" approach and effots such as observations are used
Complete Participant
Researcher conceals the fact that they are doing research. This is known as Covert Observation and was used by James Patrick
Participant Observer
Researcher is actively with the group but is known to be researching. This is Overt Observation.
Non Participant Observer
Researcher is detached and a unobtrusive onlooker.
Complete Participant Disadvantages
Raises ethical questions as the researcher will be actively lying and this raises LEGALITY questions . Sociologists put themselves at RISK if found out and they may partake in illegal activities
Complete Participant Advantages
You have the closest contact with the sample and the data will be more reliable as the Hawthrone effect is not at risk here as sample will be relaxed