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Education- Marketization of Education

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described parent power over education as "Parentocracy", and this has increased with marketization
Where a child's education is increasingly dependent upon the wishes and wealth of the parents rather than the ABILITY AND EFFORTS of the pupils
process where services like education that were previously controlled by the state have been reduced or removed and become subject to the market forces of supply and demand and on consumer choice. Education has become a product
Ofsted Inspections (Marketization of Education)
Drives up standards and encourages competition between schools to get the best ofsted results and thereby attracting more pupils . They provide parents with more info on the schools almost like a brochure
Local Management of schools (Marketization of Education)
LMS transfers control of school budgets to school governors and headteachers. These Conservative party changes were designed to make schools and colleges more responsive to local needs and wishes of parents to enable them to compete with other schools easily
School Diversity (Marketization of Education)
The range school types like specialist, free, faith and other types of schools allows parents to have a great range to choose from just like any marketplace.