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Late Developers benefit (Positives of Comprehensive)
Those whose intelligence and concentration improves later in life can be catered better for under the comprehensive system. In the Tripartite system late developers would be already sent to technical colleges or entered full time work
Social Mixing (Positives of Comprehensive)
As all children of all abilities attend the same school theres greater chance of different social classes and ethnicities mixing at comprehensives
Mixed Ability (Positives of Comprehensive)
Means that the self fufilling prophecy is easier to avoid as less able students aren't all put in the same place and labelled. More intelligent students can also have a stimulating influence on the less able
High Flyers (Negatives of Comprehensive)
Are often kept back in comprehensive schools as the lower capable students in the same class tend to slow lessons down
Large Size (Negatives of Comprehensive)
Comprehensive schools tend to be larger schools with more students this can make it impossible for staff to know all pupils personally