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Education- Part 13

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New rights on education
These believe education should NOT be focused on promoting equality of education but instead that we have a good workforce and people are filtered into the right careers for their ability
A new right who believe that having an education system controlled by the state is not the best. He believes education should become a marketplace offering many different types of schools. They should be run like private businesses and be tailored to their community
A marxist, studied a group of 12 working class pupils he referred to as 'lads' he discovered these boys had no VALUE on education and were more concerned with having a 'laff' . They ridiculed those who did take education seriously. He research suggests that sometimes working class do poorly as they have different priorities and its not due to discrimination
Mac an Ghaill
Found a pro school conformist subculture had developed over recent years in working class white and asian men and these were either to be 'Academic achievers or New Enterprisers' who were trying to aspire to middle class careers or success in vocational subjects like computer technology
Point out that children from low income families are more likely to live in crowded or damp accommodation which can make study at home difficult. Poorer diets also make for tired children who dont want to learn
Found in that activities like museums, zoos, exhibitions, theatre etc greatly improved a child's success in education. This supports Bourdieu's theory
Points out that cultural explanations like cultural capital theory almost BLAME THE VICTIM and are not constructive as it places the blame of educational underachievement on the home and family background
Labelliing theorist who created idea of the 'Self Concept', Becker believes if people like teachers treat you as if you are intelligent then you develop a positive self concept and will do well in school. However if your labelled a bad student you quickly develop a negative self concept
Cassen and Kingdon
Point out the large role that schools play, whether you have a good cultural capital or not if your school has labelled you as 'born to fail' then thats what leads to poor performance. They believe its not all about cultural deprivation
Points out that the high attainment of indian pupils means that language differences at home doesnt form a barrier to success
Found that black middle class parents were particularly actively involved in their childrens schooling- often making efforts to meet teachers and insist on high standards. However teachers treated black parents as if they knew little and the teachers expected black parents not to be interested
Feinstein and Symons
showed that very high parental interest leads to better exam results than those whose parents show no interest.
Girls who are poor and entitled to free school meals do worse than middle class boys. Which indicates that gender isn't as important as wealth is in achievement