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Education- Part 12

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Well Read Girls
Girls spend more of their leisure time reading and communicating which helps them develop their language skills whereas boys spend more time in sports
Chinese Girl Discrimination
ARCHER found girls get negatively labelled as robots incapable of independent thought. i.e. they were assumed to be less creative and outspoken
discovered black girls get labelled by teachers as loud and aggressive even when often they werent
Laddish Subculture (why boys do badly)
Boys are more likely joining macho lad subcultures . In these subcultures is UNCOOL to take education seriously
Says education DOESNT make young people obedient but instead many turn anti school
Liberal feminists on education
These want equal access to education for both sexes
Radical feminists on education
Want a female centred education as men are a bad influence to them
Marxist Feminists on education
Want to consider gender inequalities combined with inequalities of class and ethnicity
Self Fulfilling prophecy of Success
Idea that you believe your guaranteed to succeed. Gilborn discovered many Asians had this due to high expectations
Halo Effect
when pupils get stereotyped, either favorably or unfavorably on the basis of earlier impressions and these impressions colour all future teacher-student relations
showed photographs of children from different ethnic and social class backgrounds to 98 teachers and found white children were identified by teachers as more likely to be successful than non-white students
Discovered that girls that did chose to study sports where often stigmatized as "butch" or "lesbian" and it discouraged other girls from being sporty
In a telephone survey of over 1,500 discovered that Black and Bangladeshi parents were in fact more likely to go to parent evenings and were very much involved in their education and thought it was the parents responsibility to make sure the children were doing well
Discovered that a large number of ethnic ethnic minorities reported racism from classmates and names such as 'big lips', 'Paki', 'chocolate boy' and 'malteaser' . Traveller and Gypsy children faced similar abuse, this abuse may leader to ethnic minorities having low self esteem and distract from education