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Education- Part 10

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This new right believes there has to be unequality in the world through wealth and status as it motivates people to aspire for top positions
Radical who wants to get rid of school. He believes school just exists to look after kids whilst parents are working. He belives schools are repressive and promote conformity that force them to accept inequality in society rather than think critically about it
Who You Know
Functionalists forget that WHO YOU KNOW is still more important than WHAT YOU KNOW
Differential Achievement
Class, Gender and Race does affect attainment. FUNCTIONALISTS are wrong when they just say education is meritocratic
Limitation of Marxist Theory
One limitation to their theory is that Marxists forget that many students do actually rebel therefore the education system doesnt suppress children that much
Found that students in top bands/sets in subjects were more likely to be from wealthy background and students from poorer backgrounds in schools were in lower bands
Found that the most important factor preventing working class students staying on at school was a lack of financial support
Low income families
cannot afford school trips, WIFI and books which can damage childrens education
argued the level of parental interest was the most important factor affecting achievement. i.e. middle class parents are more likely to go to parent evenings which helps child attainment
Styles of parenting
This can affect achievement, parents that encourage museum visits, books and other academic interests