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Education- Part 6

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Sex Discrimination act 1973
In 1973 this act made the practice of filtering students BY GENDER INTO CERTAIN SUBJECTS illegal
Sharpe (evidence of changing aspirations)
Interviewed girls in 1970s finding that majority aspired to family and children HOWEVER once Sharpe repeated the interviews on other girls in 1990s their aspirations now were CAREER DRIVEN
Crisis in Masculinity
The decline in manufacturing industries and rise of femine service sector careers have seen this occur
Feminised Education
Schools are dominated by female teachers which gives the impression to students that education is a 'women' interest. . Boys are disadvantaged by schools lessons which emphasised creativity, discussion and coursework means boys cannot engage with lessons
Female Headed Single Families
Female led families means boys lack a strong male role model and therefore arent as encourage to aim high through education
Socialisation of Boys
Boys are socialised with less pressure put on them to work hard from parents. If boys slack parents are likely to assume "BOYS WILL BE BOYS". Parents assume boys will succed in the patriarchal society
Goddard Spear
She falsely told SCIENCE teachers that work was produced by a girl or a boy. She found teachers gave lower grades to when they thought work was done by girls
Marks and Houston
Discovered girls even at young ages were planning their careers they wanted but were keeping in mind that when they were older they had to have a family, unlike young boys when thinking about future careers they didnt consider planning their careers around children like the girls were
Forster Act 1870
This act provided free education until the age of 10 due to the creation elementary schools
Butler Act 1944
This act created the Triparite system which created grammar, secondary modern and secondary technical schools
11 plus Exam
Exam which if students excelled they went off to grammar schools, did ok you went to secondary technical or if you failed you would go to the crappy secondary moderns
An intiative (Women into Science, Engineering and construction) which supports schools into getting girls into scientific careers, these sorts of initiatives DONT exist in such large numbers for boys
Sensitive Teachers
Many teachers are now very aware to not discriminate girls or stereotype and therefore girls are able to succeed in schools much more than in the past
Argues that because most jobs nowadays require degrees it has encouraged girls to aspire to a rewarding career and do well in school. Girls now know for even basic office work degrees are desirable so girls naturally are working harder through education. However this theory has it faults as it doesnt explain why boys dont take degrees as much as girls
Discovered through observation that boys worked hard to achieve the macho status, through laddish behaviour and messing around in class. School work was largely seen as a feminine interest
Different Leisure
Boys are more likely to socialise through playing sports, playing video games whereas girls like to spend time chatting, reading this allows them to develop their LINGUISTIC and reasoning skills more than boys