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Drew the distinction between RELATIVE and ABSOLUTE aspirations. E.g. For a poor child aspiring to be a nurse rather than a doctor may appear to some to be a low ambition however this is a ambitious job for them coming from their background
Relative Aspirations
Career aims judged in terms of the number of 'jumps' in the social class the individual started from
Black Boys (O'Connell)
O'Connell discovered Black Carribean boys tend to react angrily and reject white-dominated institutions especially as males biological desire for dominance
discovered Black carribean girls ATTEMPT TO WORK within rascist institutions to disprove negative stereotypes and thats why they do so much better than boys
Cultural differences
Ethnic minorities may do worse in school because their cultures at home are a mismatch from school- this idea is supported by new rights
Asian girls (teacher influence)
These girls are discriminated against as teachers assume that they'll be passive due to cultural assumptions
Mispronouncing names (teacher influence)
WRIGHT discovered teachers can negatively isolate ethinic minorities by not being sensitive to pronoun their cultural name correctly
Gillborn (teacher influence)
discovered blacks students were automatically ASSUMED not intelligent and entered for foundation level which KEPT THEM AWAY FROM A LEVELS
Subordinated masculinities
Some men, including many l/c and ethnic minority men, lack the resources to accomplish hegemonic masculinity and so turn to anti school subcultures.
Hegemonic Masculinity
The socially approved idea of what a real male is. According to Messerschmidt, it 'defines' masculinity through difference from and desire for women. If boys at school dont suceed at education they will try and become real men by doing other things