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Education- Part 3

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Labelling Theory
Highlights the ways in which teachers make judgements about the types of students they are dealing with and attach mental 'labels' to them
Hargreaves et al
Undertook research through observations and interviews they created three theories on the labelling of teachers: SPECULATION, ELABORATION, STABLISATION
Teachers begin to make guesses about students about their appearance, enthusiasm and so on
Teachers test their hypotheses which are gradually confirmed or contridicted
Teachers hypotheses solidify- becoming fixed and stubbornly attached to the child
Self Fulfilling Prophecy
The labels attached to students become true the individual starts to believe it whether it is accurate or not
Rosenthal and Jacobson
These sociologists lied and told teachers they were certain students had high IQs . A year later it was found these individual grades had improved. This research proved how teacher labelling someone intelligent can actually improve their grades
Anti School
Based on Hargreaves research argue anti school subcultures are formed as a response to negative labelling, students subvert in order to gain a higher status in their schools
Through observation and open interviews discovered the complex female relationships and bitchiness . These girl gangs encouraged constructing to typical female stereotype and picked on those who werent typical 'schoolgirls'