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Education- part 2

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Schooling in Capitalist America (Bowles and Gintis)
Research book by marxists BOWLES AND GINTIS. They wrote that school mirrors the workplace
Workplace values (schooling in capitalist America)
Bowles and gintis found The workplace and school value PUNCTUALITY, HARD WORK and APPROPRIATE UNIFORM
Alienation (schooling in capitalist America)
Bowles And Gintis In schools and workplaces, individuals are split. E.g. Form group and subjects at school. Department and job function at workplaces
Citizenship Subject
Government introduced Citizenship as a compulsory subject to teach students 'core British values' and 'british way of life'
Liberal education
Movement in education which argues that students should be exposed to a wide range of academic disciplines in order to produce rounded and critical thinkers
Osler and Starkey (RESEARCH STUDY)
They argued that the subject Citizenship assumes young people as not concerned in politics and the way it is taught only alienates them further
Human capital theory (Shultz and Becker)
(Consensus perspective) Argues how the economy benefits from human expertise. They argue that whilst machines lose value, educations value is cumulative.
Meritocratic Education (parsons)
(Consensus perspective) Parsons argues that education ensures people are given the right jobs and acts as a natural filtering system
The idea that education LOCKS individuals in exsiting positions in the stratification system to maintain the rich and poor
Marxists on stratification
Marxists argue proletariat are filtered into low status jobs whilsts CHILDREN OF THE RICH retain their prestige
Argues education is made for middle class cultural capital as curriculum draws on primarily middle class cultural capital and as a result working class children are disadvantaged
Boring work (schooling in capitalist America)
Bowles and Gintis discovered pupils are motivated by GRADES to do boring work whereas workers are motivated by MONEY