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Education- Part 1

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Structuralist Sociologists
Also known as macro perspectivesanalyses the way society as a whole fits together. Both FUNCTIONALISTS and MARXISTS are these.These sociologists are interested in why education is important and how it functions for both the individual and society
Interactionist Sociologists
Focus on what goes on inside the school building. They explore the exchanges between students, teachers and the power relations
Social Mobility
The ability to move up or down from the social class one is born into
Equality of Opportunity
the ideal that everyone has an equal chance to suceed in education
Equality of Outcome
Everyone should leave education with the same rewards
Consensus Perspectives
Examine society of how its maintained for the 'COMMON GOOD'
A state of chaos where society lacks shared set of norms and behaviours. EDUCATION PREVENTS ANOMIE
Functionalists on Education
Sociological dominion that use a consensus approach to education and noted how education teaches children how to interact outside their families and prevents anomie
History lessons
Durkheim noted how history lessons teach students shared heritage and solidarity
Affective relationships
such as those in the family, in which people help one another out of love and affection
Instrumental relationships
society is based on relations of self interest e.g. shop assistants help customers because they pay their wages
Achieved Status
status is earned through performance or ability
Ascribed Status
Status given to someone on the basis of biological or family characteristics
argues education instils values of competition which is crucial for a functioning capitalism
Universalistic standards
school provides a set of rules which is applied equally to ALL MEMBERS of a social group
Based on the social group being more important than the individuals within it, the family is like this
Conflict Perspectives
theories including FEMINISM & MARXISM that emphasis the way society is made to benefit one group AT THE EXPENSE OF ANOTHER
Marxists on Education
They believe schools make the proletariat passive and crushes their rebellious sprit
Neo marxist that argued Education acts as a ideological apparatus e.g hidden curriculum teaches us capitalistic ways
Ideological Apparatus (Althusser)
Controlling people by brainwashing, this relates to Althussers theory