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points out that housing social policy FAVORS MARRIED COUPLES and often single parent households recieve the worst social housing. Furthermore very few newly built homes are designed for large extended families or singletons
Child Support 1991
This social policy ensured absent fathers took financial responsibility of their children
Child Support Criticism
When this law was introduced it was combined with the CUTS to benefits made to single parents/ This meant many single mothers were now reliant on their ex partners for money through child support
Sure Start Centres
This social policy aimed to provide typical working class parents with advice on parenting and on issues like maternity leave. Marxists would criticise that policies like these assume working classes cant look after their children and must be taught parenting skills to suit capitalism
Same sex Marriage 2013
This social policy sets the tone that rightly so these relationships are the norm. Whilst its criticsed by new rights as this famility type loses the male breadwinner role and female caring role, postmodernists praise same sex marriage as they see sexuality as fluid and socially constructed
Tax Benefits
The ConDem government (The government headed by David Cameron and Nick Clegg 2010-2015) offered benefits to married couples which indicates that the nuclear family is best and encouraged
Minimum Wage 1998
New Labour introduction of this significantly went to help single mothers secure higher wages
Free School meals (Coalition 2010)
This social policy allows mothers not having to worry about feeding their children it reduces the burden of preparing school meals and for single mothers its cost effective