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Families and Households -Part 10

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Feminists on New Rights
Feminists believe New Rights want to reinforce a sexist model of the family by keeping women in the home
Highlighted the ability of IVF allowing for new families such as gay and lesbian couples having biological children
Pester Power
Term that refers to the power children have when the see an advert of something like a toy they will PESTER their parents to buy this product. Advertises have recognised the financial power of children so specifically target them
Discovered childhood varied for Asian girls. Asian families were much stricter with daughters than sons
Discovered Black and Mixed race children were more likely to end up in care than white or asians. This was a 2007 study
Is a child liberationist, she believes parents are too controlling over their children and laws preventing children to work exist to prevent children from becoming independent
Suggests that womens inequality in the family may be the result of the woman's own personal choices i.e. some women may choose to become full time housewives because they enjoy it and not because they are forced
Child Support 1991
This conservative party initiative was to ensure absent fathers took financial responaibility for their children and this was accompanied by cuts to benefits paid to single mothers. It bascially encourage that men should be the breadwinners