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Culture & Identity- Part 2

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Folk Culture
Habits of traditional communities, break down of working class communities has seen this disappear.
Culture Industries
The industries are involved in the manufacture of music, film, radio etc. They dumb down culture e.g. in films the 'baddies', 'hero'
Frankfurt school
School of sociologists set up after WWII. Critised mass culture, believed it stopped working classes from questioning politics and an unfair society
Theodor Adorno
Was critical popular music for offering the working class simplified music. Prevents them from understanding more complex music
Dominant class will persuade working classes to acccept the moral values of the ruling class
Antonio Gramsci
Created the concept of hegemony. Used it to understand why people resist against society
Pop Music (Adorno)
This music is simple and offers the same structure. Stops working classes from being able to appreciate complex music like classical