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Families and Households- Part 9

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Argues that Murdock fails to recognize that families are not perfect and that of fact many families do indeed argue
Argues that the family exists in order for Proletariat men to be relieved of their low status as proletariats can finally have POWER and CONTROL when they get home
Marxism Criticism
Marxism focuses too heavily on the economy and they fail to provide theories on female led housholds or ethnic households
Cultural Dependency
This is Charles Murrays term that means welfare benefits are so high that individuals find it easy and acceptable to rely on benefits
New Right Criticism
The New Right Theory has been criticised for 'blaming the victims" in society
Postmodernists on Family types
Post modernists see the different types of families as positive because it means individuals are not hemmed in by TRADITION.
A postmodernist that explains the reason there's diversity in families is because in Western Culture families are diverse and fluid
Pre Industrial Society
In this society the extended family is the most common as Families work and live together
Industrial Society
In this society the nuclear family is the most dominant and there is a huge increase in individuals leaving the home for work for their wages
A wealthy, highly privileged class of modern Capitalists. Typically composed of businessmen and others who derive their income from the labor of others.
19th Century Marxist, Engels believes this popular form of relationship proved an ideal mechanism as it provided proof of paternity and so property could be easily passed on to the right people
Argues that claiming nuclear families are best is PATRIARCHAL, is HARMFUL as it suggests any other family type is inferior and is ANTI SOCIAL as it devalues that their is life outside the family