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Families and Households- Part 8

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Joint Conjugal Roles
Couples share most of the housework and childcare
Segregated Conjugal Roles
Where Couples have separate roles e.g man typically works and is breadwinner and woman the houswife
Double Shift
Refers to women having paid work and also doing most of the housework
Triple shift
Refers to the same jobs as double shift but adds the emotional work of womens responsibilities
New Rights on Housework
New Rights argue that its natural for women to be housewives as men are more suited to the world of work
20% of men
study by Boulton found that only this percentage of men do the housework in the UK
Ferri and Smith
Found out that women are still more likely than men to look after the children
Showed there was equality in lesbian households in conjugal roles.
Unemployed men did little more housework than before they lost their jobs in a attempt to hold on to their masculinity
Found men do more housework if their wives are working
Man Yee Kan
Partners who both had university degrees had more equality than less qualified couples
Decision Making
Men normally make the decisions around in relationships because they earn more money and women are socialised to be passive
Found that men are far more likely to make the important decisions e.g moving house and finances
Domestic Abuse
Claims the lives of TWO women PER WEEK
Argued domestic violence causes psychological damage. e.g stress, depression and anxiety
Feminists on Domestic Abuse
These argue that domestic violence exsists because society is patriarchal and will only stop when women become equal
Feminists domestic abuse Criticism
Feminists are criticised for not taking into account that men also suffer from domestic abuse themselves but are too embarrassed to come forward
in a 2008 comparative study of womens and mens housework in 34 countries found there was no modern countries in the world where men do more housework- which suggests traditional segregated roles still remain
Commercialization of Housework
items such as dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, supermarket delivery (Tesco, Ocado) and fast food outlets have helped equalize conjugal roles as women now have little chores to like men
Postmodernists on Conjugal Roles
These believe men and women have more choice in how they see themselves and therefore they are less constrained by traditional segregated roles- they believe traditional roles are breaking down