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Families and Households- Part 7

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Social Construct (Childhood)
Idea that childhood varies according to the era and location. Its relative and created by SOCIETY and therefore isnt a natural occurence
Privileged Childhood
British children are privileged because they are protected by various laws and recieve free schooling
Argues that childhood is a recent invention . In the middle ages it did not exsist and children were treated harshly
Aries Criticism
Aries relied on paintings to get a idea of childhood. However these can be unreliable sources of history.Nor do paintings tell of emotional bonds between parent-child
Child abuse (Negetive Childhood)
This can be physical, sexual and emotional and can hugly impact on the experience of a child
Divorce Increase (Negative Childhood)
As marriages fall apart children are commonly put in the middle and therefore divorce can be a very negetive experience for children to go through
Compulsory education
many children now stay are school until they are 18,. This has increased the amount of time children are dependent on their parents
Age restrictions
Restrictions in place forbid children from having sex, alcohol and cigarettes
Mass media (CHILDHOOD)
Children now have access to information from things like the internet. These devices make them just as powerful as adults
absolute poverty (international negative childhood)
many children worldwide experience a deprived childhood and live in mud dwellings and slums surrounded by disease
Boys and childhood
Boys are given more freedom and fathers spend more time with them playing sports
Child Liberationism
Philosophy that wishes to free children from the controls placed on children by adults. Parents control what children WEAR and EAT and WHO THEY PLAY WITH
Writes about the 'death of childhood' and they are growing up too quickly and losing their innocence