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Families and Households- Part 6

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Asians and Divorce
Asian ethnic couple are LESS LIKELY to divorce than whites and blacks
Childless Couples and Divorce
Couples without children are much more likely to divorce than others
Empty shell Marriages
Couples who stay together but no longer love each other. Hard to collect statistics on these family types
Living and having a sexual relationship with someone without marriage
60% of Cohabitating Couples
Of these first time cohabitating couples eventually get married
Expensive Marriage
The average cost of marraige is wellover £20,000 meaning cohabitation is a cheaper option
Divorce Law Reform 1969
people no longer had to PROVE one partner GUILTY a matrimonial offence
Matrimonial and Family Proceedings 1984
law which allowed couples to get a divorce after ONLY ONE YEAR of marriage
75% of Divorce Petitions
Are issued by women which prove how women are becoming more independent and confident in issusing divorces
High Expectations of Marriage (Functionalists)
Functionalists argue that expectations of marriage have risen meaning that people often find the reality of marriage disappointing
Increased Life Expectancy
This means that people are more prepared to divorce if they fall out of love as they know they would have longer years together, rather than just enduring a loveless marriage
Golden Old Days (New Right)
New rights use this term to refer to when most children lived with their married parents and society was stable
New rights on Cohabitation
New rights believe cohabitating couples are more likely to split up and lead to single families
Feminists on Cohabitation
Feminists are accepting of cohabitation because they believe it gives the woman a chance to 'check out' the man,to make sure he isnt sexist or old fashioned
Suggests we are living in a "RISK SOCIETY"- individuals to reduce risk of divorce will likely cohabit first