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Families and Households- Part 5

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Has led to a dramatic change in the types of families seen in the UK, e.g Indian familes tend to be extended whereas Black familes tend to be single parent led
8% Of Population (MIgration)
Identify themselves as non white
New Man
A man who is more in touch with his feminine side, LIBERAL FAMINISTS see them as a sign that increased equality is occuring between men and women
Radical Separatism
Radical feminists argue men and women should be separated as the man is the 'enemy'
Ansley (Marxist Feminist)
Women are the takers of shit because when men (the workers) have a bad day at work they take all their anger out on the women
Black Feminists
Argue white feminists group all women together. For example some feminists fail to take into account that asian women are more likely to experience patriachy than others
Sees family life in the Caribbean community as based on modern individualism. Marriage is just an lifestyle option among many. Only a quarter of black children have two BLACK PARENTS
Found extended family relationships are more common in asians. Such families are commonly patriarchal with seniority going to the eldest male. And arranged marriages are very high too