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Families and Households- Part 4

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Social Policy
Refers to the laws made by the government . Social policies that affect the family include divorce laws, child abuse prevention etc
Marriage Social Policy
You can only marry one person at a time and in the past they had to be of opposite sex
Divorce Social Policy
You have to have a legitimate reason to claim for a divorce in the UK and theres an amount of time you have to be married before you divorce
Children Social Policy
Children have to go to school and they cannot work full time. Smoking, Sex and drinking is also has age limits.
One Child Policy (International Policy)
Before 2016 Chinese parents are only allowed one child and they get higher tax allowances when they comply
Functionalists on Social Policy
Take a positive view on social policy, the welfare state takes pressure off family so they can focus on nurturing
New Rights On Social Policy
They are critical of welfare benefits for single parents as they may encourage teenagers to become pregnant as they know they will get support
Feminists on Social Policy
Maternity leave pay is generous suggesting that women should just look after the child as parternity pay is much lower