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Families and Households-Part 3

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Nanny State
Term given to a protective Government protects us fron hazards e.g smoking ban. This helps us LIVE LONGER
Help support the elderly with the essentials they need to live on. This helps us LIVE LONGER
Office Jobs
People work these comfortable jobs with no hard labour. This helps us LIVE LONGER
Murdock (Functionalist)
Looked at various societies living in the US and discovered the essential benefits of being in a marriage
Sexual benefits (Murdocks Marriage Benefits)
Married couples enjoy a healthy sex life which prevents them from cheating
Economic benefits (Murdocks Marriage Benefits)
Murdocks found marriage can provide economic benefits through finance and shelter as the man will go out and work
Murdock Criticism
Murdocks marriage research has been criticised for being too narrow and excluding single parent and gay families.
Benston (Marxist Feminist)
Women are the slaves of the wage slaves (men are the wage slaves)
Warm Bath Theory (Parsons)
Parsons compared the family to a bath as its a relaxing haven where all the stresses of the day are soaked away
Leach (Radical Psychiatry)
Nuclear family is too isolated and lacks support of the extended family. Parents often take out their frustrations on each other or children
Laing (Radical Psychiatry)
Nuclear family can cause mental illness and depression as parents and children spend too much time with each other and children feel suffocated
Cooper (Radical Psychiatry)
Parents teach children to be obedient so when they work in capitalism they are easily controlled. Parents pressure children to get high powered jobs
Downplaying Conflict
Both Murdock and Parsons paint very rosy pictures of family life, presenting it as harmonious- this means that they ignore the darker side of the family such as child abuse