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Families and Households- Part 2

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Men are Reluctant (Single parent families)
...to give up their jobs as it may threaten their mascuinity and dont want to give up work. And thereby when ending a marriage is more likely to leave childcare to the woman
Pushy Parents
the parents most likely to take party in research are often the forceful ones who are extremely involved with their childrens education. therefore results of research may be unrepresentative as it may gives impression
New Rights on single families
sociological perspective that argue that a single parent cant provide adequate socialisation. Children need both a male and female role model
McLanahan and Booth
Sociologists who Indicated that children from single parent families do less well at school and are more likely to become delinquents. They also argue single parents are more likely to be poor and less involved in a childs education
Points out that one good parent is better than two bad parents. Two parents arguing and fighting than that is bad for the child
Someone who lives by themselves. There is less stigma about it so many woman dont feel the need to remarry
Long Female Life Expectancy
Women are living especially longer then men meaning there are many female elderly SINGLETONS
Same sex Marriage 2013
This social policy sets the tone that rightly so these relationships are the norm. Whilst its criticsed by new rights as this famility type loses the male breadwinner role and female caring role, postmodernists praise same sex marriage as they see sexuality as fluid and socially constructed
Reproductive technologies that have increase gay families as it means many gay couples can have children
Reconstituted Family
Is made up of an adult couple, living with at least one child from a previous relationship of one of the partners. This family type has risen due to divorce
Argues that media fuelled public concerns over lone mothers and the welfare of children are little more than an attempt to force women back into traditional roles of housewife. She suggests new right attacks are patriarchal and undermines women's rights to live independently and raise children on their own
Points out that life in reconstituted step-families can be complex. There can be divisions between stepchildren. Children are also less willin to accept control and discipline from stepparents