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Families And Households- Part 1

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Robert and Rhona Rapoport (1982)
First sociologists who identified that nuclear family is no longer the main family type.
Physical Punishments
Are more likely to be adopted by working class families whereas middle class will punish verbally
Au Pairs/Nannies
Middle class more likely to use these to look after their children while their away whereas working class would use family or friends
Believes family diversity has been exaggerated as most single parents will remarry and become nuclear again.
Nuclear family who maintain regular contact with grandparents.
Asian Families
Many of these ethnic minority families tend to live close together and divorce is uncommon and marriage is often arranged
Black Families
This ethnic group is more likely to be a single-parent familiy. Women are traditionally in charge of the household
25% of Households
Are single parent families in the UK
90% of Single families
Are headed by women in the UK
Cheap Divorce
Recent reductions of price of divorce, is one explanation for the increase of lone parents and divorce rates
Social Acceptance
Less stigma against single parents. MEDIA also portrays single parents much better and is no longer seen as deviant or sinful
When religion has less influence on peoples actions, which leads to wider range or options to the type of household they chose to live in
Welfare State
The financial system for the poor that New Right argue has made it too easy to be single parent with a range of benefits