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Culture & Identity- Part 10

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Postmodernists and Leisure
Leisure industries e.g Media have become more important to our identity than the work we do. What we do in ourr leisure time in very important
Marxists and Leisure
Consumerism creates false needs for working class. Misery of working in capitalist society is made BEARABLE by leisure
Parker (1976)
Working class choose leisure based on a escape e.g. going to pub. Middle class already get intrinsic satisfaction from work so their leisure is linked with work
Extrinsic Rewards
When work is not enjoyed we only do it for the wages we recieve
Intrinsic Satisfaction
When job done gives a sense of personal fufilment. Money is not the prime motivation
Feminists and Leisure
Leisure oppotunities for women are restricted by men who expect women to choose home based activities while they go out. Men also still dominate sporting venues so women may be put off
Is now cheaper and travel has become easier which means we can see different cultures
John Urry (1990)
Key motivation for people to travel is to see things they wouldnt normally see, he calls this the tourist 'gaze', and there a two types
Collective Gaze (Urry)
When other people are needed to give atmosphere to a place e.g. Ibiza clubs need to be busy for experience
Romantic Gaze (Urry)
When we want to be alone to see the place that we are visiting e.g looking at a mountain