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Culture & Identity-Part 1

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Beliefs about what is good bad
guidelines for behaviour in social settings
attitudes towards certain behaviours that are seen as morally unacceptable by members of a culture. e.g what alcohol is to Muslims
Nature Nuture Debate
How much of our behaviour is genetic and how much of it is learnt
Albert Cohen
Studied youth delinquents. Found men who suffered from status frustration were more likely to develop a subculture
Status Frustration (Cohen)
Leads to subcultures forming. They can turn the norms&values of normal society upside down in subcultures
James Patrick
Sociologist joined a violent Glasgow gang, to fully observe their activities
High Culture
Associated with the tastes of wealthy and educated. e.g Opera
Cultural Capital
Refers to use of language and social skills. Middle class have more cultural capital because they a bigger vocabulary
Pierre Bourdieu
Suggested middle-class success in education is a result of having more cultural capital