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le canes
the dogs
le cattos
the cats
le grande canes
the big dogs
le parolas
the words
le pomos
the apples
le parve pomos
the small apples
le parve elephantes
the small elephants
le litteras
the letters
le sol anates
the only ducks
le anates sol
the lonely ducks
le pisces grande
the big fish [plural]
le libros
the books
le vitro rosate
the pink glass
le vitros rosate
the pink glasses
le receptas
the recipes
le limones
the lemons
le sandwiches
the sandwiches
le fructos
the fruits
le fragas
the strawberries
le crepes
the crêpes
le verduras
the vegetables
le patatas frite
the fries
le phaseolos
the beans