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accelerate (v.)
cause to move or happen faster, hasten; increase the speed of, quicken
appeal (v.)
plead; request; petition for a new trial or judgment
charge (n.)
the amount of power a battery can stor
classify (v.)
group, sort, arrange systematically; make confidential
commuter (n.)
one who commutes, one who travels back and forth between home and work
consume (v.)
to use
embrace (v.)
hug, hold tight, wrap one's arms around; accept
flair (n.)
talent, natural sense or ability
fume (n.)
smog, particles hanging in the air; smoke
hamper (v.)
hinder, impede, delay
incentive (adj.)
inciting, encouraging
markedly (adj.)
noticeably; in a manner that protrudes; in a manner that distinguishes; obviously
monetary (adj.)
pertaining to money, fiscal
plodding (adj.)
rural (n.)
related to countryside
span (v.)
extend across, stretch from one point another; bridge
sprawl (n.)
act of sprawling, act of lounging; area characterized by irregularly arranged buildings
standard (n.)
model, criterion; norm, average
suburban (n.)
related to the aera just outside a city
urban (adj.)
living in a city; municipal