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architecture (n.)
science of designing and building structures; layout, formation, arrangement; building style or method; design of a computer and its components (Computers)
centerpiece (n.)
the main or most important feature
clog (v.)
block, plug up; interfere, hold back; dance in clogs
decorate (v.)
ornament; adorn; make beautiful; bestow a medal or honor on someone (e.g. in the armed forces)
destruction (n.)
ruin, desolation, annihilation
disruptive (adj.)
upsetting; disturbing; divisive
expand (v.)
spread out, grow larger; broaden
headquarters (n.)
main command center, central command, center of operations
intrinsic (adj.)
inherent, innate, essential, fundamental, natural
operation (n.)
act of operating; working, performance
pedestrian (n.)
someone who travels on foot
release (v.)
set free, liberate, emancipate
rival (v.)
compete with, challenge, oppose, contest
shield (n.)
anything used for protection, defense
showcase (n.)
glass case used to display objects, display case
spring up (v.)
to appear
surface (n.)
exterior or upper boundary of a thing, external part or layer; outward appearance
underground (n.)
blow the ground
utilize (v.)
to use
vent (n.)
opening for the release of air or gas