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cast (v.)
throw; project; form, shape; mold; choose actors (for a play, movie, etc.)
disaster (n.)
catastrophe, misfortune, calamity
display (v.)
to show or exhibit
drawback (n.)
disadvantage; difficulty
efficient (adj.)
effective, done without waste (of time, resources, etc.)
equip (v.)
provide with the required equipment, supply with necessary materials
freight (n.)
cargo or goods that are shipped for a fee; shipping cost; transportation, conveyance, shipment
generate (v.)
create, produce; bring into being
illuminator (n.)
person or thing that illuminates; source of light; illustrator
innovation (n.)
introduction of something new; change, new method or practice
intense (adj.)
extreme, great, powerful, high; strong, profound, deep; acute, severe
knot (n.)
a hard bump in wood
locomotive (n.)
engine of a train which pulls the carriages along the tracks
mode (n.)
style, way, manner; fashion; situation, manner of operation (Computers); value that most often occurs in a data set (in statistics)
portable (adj.)
easy to carry
reflector (n.)
person or thing which reflects; telescope that uses concave mirrors to focus; material used to inhibit the escape of neutrons from the core of a reactor (Physics)
rugged (adj.)
rough, coarse, bumpy; harsh, severe; rocky, stony; wrinkled, creased, furrowed
Stringent (adj.)
severe, strict, demanding; binding, constraining; characterized by a shortage of funds
tricky (adj.)
cunning, sly; clever; deceitful, deceptive; difficult, complicated
vulnerable (adj.)
unprotected, defenseless; exposed; susceptible