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acknowledge (v.)
recognize, admit; confess; certify the receipt of
authority (n.)
power, control, jurisdiction
chunk (n.)
a large piece
crucial (adj.)
very important
deliberately (adv.)
intentionally, purposefully; methodically, in an unhurried manner
depression (n.)
sadness, low spirits
emotion (n.)
strong feeling, sentiment
engage (v.)
to participate in something
industrious (adj.)
hard-working, diligent
intellectual (adj.)
related to thinking
merely (adv.)
obesity (n.)
state of being excessively overweight
easy to see, clear
overwhelming (adj.)
overpowering; crushing; staggering; stunning, dazing; flooding
passive (adj.)
not active
pastime (n.)
entertainment; recreation, amusement
physical (adj.)
related to the body
rejuvenate (v.)
to refresh, restore
reluctant (adj.)
hesitant, unwilling, disinclined, averse
suffer (v.)
feel pain, experience loss or harm