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anticipate (v.)
expect, predict; precede; hurry and come before
athlete (n.)
one who participates in sports
blur (n.)
fog, haze; stain; dirt; something that is hazy and unclear to sight
boundary (n.)
limit, border
complicate (v.)
confuse, make hard to understand, make difficult; make complex
coordinate (v.)
to organize, make work together
demonstrate (v.)
exhibit, present; display emotion; display public opinion (through a protest march, meeting, etc.); show or illustrate through examples or physical demonstrations
detect (v.)
to notice, become awar of
distracting (adj.)
diverting from; drawing one's attention away; disturbing the intellect
focus (v.)
to concentrate
indiscernibly (adv.)
in a way that is impossible to see or notice
indistinct (adj.)
faint, vague, unclear; not easily discerned or distinguished by the senses
maneuver (v.)
a movement
performance (n.)
act of presenting an artistic work to an audience
peripheral (adj.)
at the edge
range (n.)
scan (v.)
to look over
tolerate (v.)
to accept, allow
unconsciously (adv.)
without thinking, automaticallyy
vision (n.)
sight; insight, foresight