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cable (n.)
a plastic or rubber tube containing wires that carry telephone messages, electronic signals, television pictures etc
catastrophic (adj.)
extremely bad
compensate (v.)
to make up for, balance out
disparate (adj.)
flaw (n.)
a mistake or weakness, esp in design
indispensable (adj.)
completely necessary
inexplicably (adv.)
without explanation
inquiry (n.)
an official investigation
insulation (n.)
material used to prevent passage of electricity, heat or sound
perseverance (n.)
continuation with a task despite difficulties
rally (v.)
to gather support
requisite (n.)
a need, requirement
set out (v.)
to start an activity
snap (v.)
to break suddenly
tow (v.)
to pull behind
transmit (v.)
to send
triumph (v.)
to succeed, win
utterly (adv.)
completely - used especially to emphasize that something was very bad, or that a feeling was very strong
vilified (adj.)
having one's reputation ruined, being spoken about in a bad way
voltage (n.)
measure of electric power