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aviation (n.)
the development, design and use of aircraft
blade (n.)
a thin, flat part of a machine
coarse (adj.)
rough, not smooth
confer (v.)
to discuss, consult with somebody
cruise (v.)
to travel at steady speed
curiosity (n.)
interest, need to know
design (n.)
a plan for making something
enthusiast (n.)
a person who is very interested in something
handle (v.)
to manage, work well with
inflexibility (n.)
inability to change
isolation (n.)
the condition of being alone or separated from others
pitch (n.)
an angle or slop of something
prolonged (n.)
continuing for a long time often in a negative sense
propeller (n.)
a piece of equipment consisting of two or more blades that spin around, which makes an aircraft or ship move
reliably (adv.)
to change completely
rotation (n.)
turning motion
sustained (adj.)
having the ability to continue for a long time
turbulence (n.)
strong, sudden movement in air
variable (adj.)
able to change