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assess (v.)
to measure
constructive (adj.)
positive, beneficial
curriculum (n.)
the subjects that are taught by a school, college etc, or the things that are studied in a particular subject
dedicate (v.)
to give, devote
n. maintaining correct behavior
extraordinary (adj.)
special, exceptional
gifted (adj.)
having a natural ability to do one or more things extremely well
inquisitiveness (n.)
desire to knowledge
interpretation (n.)
the way in which someone explains or understands an event, information, someone's actions etc
moderately (adv.)
peer (n.)
your peers are the people who are the same age as you, or who have the same type of job, social class etc
profoundly (adv.)
greatly, extremely
recognize (v.)
to identify
remedial (adj.)
a special course etc that helps students who have difficulty learning something
simultaneous (adj.)
happening at the same time
sophisticated (adj.)
advanced, complex
transfer (v.)
to move from one place to another
turn into (v.)
to become
withdrawal (n.)
not wanting to participate