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approach (n.)
a method of doing something or dealing with a problem
auditory (adj.)
relating to the ability to hear
blend (n.)
a mixture of different things that combine together well
circumstance (n.)
the conditions that affect a situation, action, event etc
confidence (n.)
belief in one's abilites
conventional (adj.)
normal, traditional
diagram (n.)
a simple drawing or plan that shows exactly where something is
dominant (adj.)
more important, stronger
encouragement (n.)
praise, support to keep going
expose (v.)
to give an opportunity to experience or learn new things
facial (adj.)
relating to your face
fidget (v.)
to keep moving your hands or feet, especially because you are bored or nervous
hinder (v.)
to prevent, get in the way
incorporate (v.)
to add in,bring together
kinesthetic (adj.)
related to body motion
manipulate (v.)
to move things around with the hands
obstruction (n.)
something that blocks or stands in the way
recite (v.)
to say or repeat out loud
solitary (adj.)
done alone, independent
verbal (adj.)
related to words