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abound (v.)
be filled with; overflow with
account for (v.)
be responsible (for deeds
capable (adj.)
skilled, able, proficient
compact (adj.)
curb (n.)
raised edge of a sidewalk
disability (n.)
lack of ability; defect, deformity, anything that causes lack of ability
exterior (n. adj.)
outer part, external
incapacitated (adj.)
unable to do something normally
interior (n. adj.)
internal part, internal
necessitate (v.)
make necessary
poverty (n.)
state of being poor
ramp (n.)
sloping surface which connects two levels
recreation (n.)
relaxing activity, amusement, leisure
slippery (adj.)
causing or tending to cause slipping; smooth, tending to slip
slope (n.)
a surface at an angle, with the top higher than the bottom
switch (n.)
device which opens or breaks an electric current
terrain (n.)
tract of land, features of a tract of land
unwieldy (adj.)
heavy, awkward, cumbersome
update (v.)
bring up to date, modernize, make current