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absence (n.)
failure to appear; state of being away, state of being not present
academic (adj.)
related to school especially university
approximately (adv.)
bear (v.)
endure; carry; support; suffer; have responsible for
commensurate (adj.)
corresponding, proportionate, equal; commensurable
devote (v.)
set apart for, dedicate
dire (adj.)
dreadful, terrible, frightful, awful
discrepancy (n.)
difference, inconsistency; disagreement, lack of accord
equality (n.)
equal state; sameness, uniformity
frustration (n.)
disappointment, anxiety and depression
funding (n.)
financial support
guidance (n.)
instruction; direction; management, leadership
inordinate (adj.)
excessive, immoderate; disorderly
invaluable (adj.)
inestimable, priceless, very valuable
mentor (n.)
one who guides and teaches
persist (v.)
insist, stand firm; persevere; continue
pressure (n.)
demands, resposibilities
progress (v.)
move forward, gain, proceed
struggle (v.)
to flight
validate (v.)
make valid; confirm; sanction; legalize