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acquaintance (n.)
person one knows slightly , familiarity
adolescent (n.)
young person; one who is at the stage between childhood and adulthood
apparently (adv.)
carry out (v.)
to do. perform
community (n.)
a social group
consequence (n.)
contact (n.)
communication, connection
eradicate (v.)
root up, pull up by the roots
exchange (v.)
to trade something
explode (v.)
to grow suddenly and rapidly
immense (adj.)
very big, huge
impose (v.)
to force
interact (v.)
to communicate with
post (v.)
to display information in a public place
pursue (v.)
to hunt for, seek
statistics (n.)
numerical fact
susceptible (adj.)
easily affected
trend (n.)
tendency, course, bearing; fashion, mode
undergo (v.)
endure, experience, go through, suffer
unfold (v.)
open something that was folded; reveal, explain; become unfolded, be revealed, become apparent