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aspect (n.)
a part of feature
breed (v.)
to reproduce
Diurnal (adj)
active during the day
endure (v.)
to live under difficult condition
evolve (v.)
to develop gradually
fascinate (v.)
to interest greatly
Feat (n.)
a difficult act or achievment
fuel (v.)
to provide energy
inhabit (v.)
to live in
hemisphere (n.)
half of a sphere, half of a globe
imperative (n.)
a priority, an unrgent need
migration (n.)
act or process of moving from one place to another
nocturnal (adj.)
functioning or active during the night
navigation (n.)
act of navigating
observer (n.)
a person who watches something
obscure (v.)
make vague; make indistinct; make cloudy
optimal (adj.)
best, most favorable
Species (n.)
most basic biological classification
stray (v.)
leave the correct course; roam, meander; deviate from the norm, err; digress
windswept (adj.)
exposed to winds, tousled from the wind