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acquire (v.)
buy, purchase; obtain, attain
breeze (n.)
light wind
broad (adj.)
wide or large
budget (n.)
financial plan
colorful (adj.)
exciting and interesting
content (n.)
subject matter
costly (adj.)
cuisine (n.)
style of cooking
economical (adj.)
endeavor (n.)
effort, attempt
enroll (v.)
register, sign up, join up, enter one's name on a list
hone (v.)
sharpen, improve
ingredient (n.)
component, element; one of the substances which comprises a mixture
ongoing (adj.)
resort (n.)
popular vacation site, place of recreation; source of help, source of protection
sponsor (v.)
back, support, finance, subsidize, promote
supervision (n.)
direction, management, administration
survey (n.)
statistical study
taste (n.)