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accomodations (n.)
housing; residence; lodging
avoid (v.)
escape; keep away from; prevent
barrier (n.)
border, limit; obstacle, barricade
category (n.)
class, division
concept (n.)
culprit (n.)
one accused, offender, guilty party
delicate (adj.)
fragile, easily broken; sensitive
destination (n.)
place where one is going, place where something is sent
dump (v.)
empty out; get rid of trash
injure (v.)
to hurt
pleasure (n.)
practice (n.)
customary action, habi
principle (n.)
fundamental law, primary law on which other laws are based
publicity (n.)
state of being public; advertisement, action or item designed to attract public notice; attention of the public, public notice
recycling (n.)
reprocessing of waste to recover reusable material
remote (adj.)
far away
strive (v.)
endeavor, try hard; compete; struggle, resist
volunteer (n.)
one who offers his services of his own free will or without pay
wary (adj.)
cautious, suspicious
wilderness (n.)
wastelands; forest; desert