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accessible (adj.)
approachable; easily obtainable; easy to relate to
adventurous (adj.)
daring; tending to become involved in risky activities; risky
archaeologist (n.)
one who specializes in archeology, one who studies ancient cultures through their artifacts
ceremonial (adj.)
related to treditional or formal practices
construct (v.)
to build
draw (v.)
to attract, pull
imagination (n.)
ability of the mind to create mental images which do not literally exist; creation of such mental images
institute (v.)
to start, put in place
luxury (adj.)
something which is unnecessary and often expensive
marvel (n.)
wonder, miracle, wondrous thing
mystery (n.)
that which cannot be understood, something that is unknown
native (adj.)
original to a place
network (n.)
coordinated system involving a number of things or people
pertian (v.)
to be related to something
precisely (adj.)
preserve (v.)
to protect, seve
restriction (n.)
limitation, state of being restricted; limit, something that restricts
site (n.)
spectacular (adj.)
g, thrilling, exciting
upside (n.)
positive side , advantage