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absorb (v.)
to take in
alleviate (v.)
to lesen, ease
Ascertain (v.)
clarify, verify, confirm
chronic (adj.)
lingering, lasting
combat (v.)
fight, battle, struggle
culture (n.)
civilization; refinement; cultivation (Agriculture); bacteria or germs grown for scientific study (Biology)
deem (v.)
believe, judge
desirable (adj.)
wanted, worth having
enhance (v.)
fraction (n.)
a small part
interval (n.)
space of time between two events or actions
investigation (n.)
a study
manufacture (v.)
to produce
monitor (v.)
to watch, observe
outcome (n.)
recur (v.)
to happen or occur again
substance (n.)
target (v.)
to focus on
theoretical (adj.)
existing only theory, hypothetical, abstract, speculative
toxic (adj.)