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aerobic (adj.)
relating to energitic exercise, needing oxygen to live
capacity (n.)
amount that something can hold or contain
cognition (n.)
awareness, perception, the use of mental processes
concentration (n.)
a large amount of somethiong in the same place
counteract (v.)
work against, cancel out, negate
dementia (n.)
mental impairment due to old age or illness
deterioration (n.)
decline, downfall; worsening
diagnose (v.)
examine and identify a disease from its symptoms
disorder (n.)
a diseas or illness
gravity (n.)
impaired (adj.)
damaged, weakened, adversely affected
indicate (v.)
to show
link (n.)
mood (n.)
state of mind, predominant emotion; type of verb inflection
previously (adv)
regulate (v.)
to control
rodent (n.)
the group of small animals that includes mice and rats
spatial (adj)
of or pertaining to space
stave off (v.)
to prevent
stimulate (v.)
to cause a response