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abroad (n.)
in another country; outside, out of doors; widely, broadly
administer (v.)
to give medicine or medical treatment
bulk (adj.)
the largest part
complex (adj.)
not simple
cripple (v.)
to cause serious damage
decade (n.)
ten years; group of ten
decline (v.)
refuse; go down, decrease
epidemic (n.)
outbreak, plague, something which spreads quickly (i.e. a disease)
estimate (v.)
judge an object's value, appraise; have an opinion, make a judgement
lure (v.)
tempt, entice, attract
primary (adj.)
main, prime; basic
qualified (adj.)
skilled, able
rampant (adj.)
behaving wildly, moving about furiously,prevailing, abundant
retain (v.)
to keep
rudimentary (adj.)
basic, elementary, fundamental; not fully developed, immature
shortage (n.)
lack, scarcity, deficit, deficiency
standpoint (n.)
point of view
stem (v.)
come from, originate
supply (n.)
quantity of a commodity available for purchase
vacancy (n.)
emptiness; available space, empty room at a hotel