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abstract (adj.)
intangible, unconnected to concrete reality
atmosphere (n.)
climate of a particular region; unit of air pressure (Physics); tone or mood of a place or thing
conflict (n.)
clash, fight, quarrel
considerably (adv.)
much, substantially, significantly
culminate (v.)
climax; end, conclude
effectively (adv.)
productively, efficiently; impressively
emerge (v.)
appear, come out, be revealed
exaggerated (adj.)
overstated, made to seem greater or more important than it really is, overdone, excessive
frailty (n.)
weakness of character or constitution
gesture (n.)
movement of the body which expresses an idea or emotion, gesticulation
humerous (adj.)
funny, amusing, comical
illusion (n.)
delusion, false impression of reality; misconception, false idea
literal (n.)
following the letter or exact words of the original
merge (v.)
to combine
portray (v.)
to combindescribe, depict; paint, draw; personify, act as (in a play or movie) e
prominent (adj.)
important, major
prop (n.)
item used during a performance
reminiscent (adj.)
serving to remind; tending to remember past events and experiences
sharpen (v.)
make sharp, make pointed; be sharpened